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Welcome to our newly improved ISBD News page.  We hope this new page will help members and non-members alike feel more connected to the Society as we continue to navigate the post COVID19 world.  


What will be posted in ISBD News?

The main ISBD News page, found under the main navigation bar at the top of every page under “News”  will include up-to-date announcements for the annual conference, ISBD Award winners, and special spotlight features that will highlight our Task Forces, Chapters, and Members’ accomplishments.  We will also use the ISBD News page as a way to share educational updates and World Bipolar Day events from all around the world. 


Are there still Members Only posts?

Yes!  The same ISBD News Page can be found under the “Member Zone” section of the website. In addition to the information mentioned above, we will also be posting information intended only for ISBD members.  This member’s only news will include ISBD election updates and reminders, Award nominations information, special announcements, and some new exciting features we are still working on! Remember, you must be logged into your current ISBD account to access the Member Zone section and see the Members Only News.   


If you have any questions or have a suggestion on some “news” you would like posted, please contact Mary Miller (  We look forward to connecting with you and keeping you up-to-date with ISBD!


Please note, ISBD will decide in its sole discretion what to include in the ISBD News.  All comments on posts will be monitored.   We will not share anything that violates copyright, includes unpublished data, or seeks to promote commercial interests.  Likewise, we will not publish anything that could be construed as hate speech or seeks to defame or disparage anyone on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other protected class.

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