World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day

Special Statement for WBD 2020

World Bipolar Day is a day for connection, outreach and coming together in solidarity around the goal of increasing awareness, acceptance and funding for bipolar disorder.  Sadly, we are aware that many will be spending this March 30th in relative isolation due to the ongoing challenges with COVID-19.  Being isolated and cut-off from everyday routines can be challenging for anyone, but it presents unique challenges to those living with a mental illness, where social support systems are an integral part of maintaining wellness. In light of these challenges, we encourage you to consider a "virtual" observance of WBD this year.  Live webinars, short video recordings, social media posting, blogging, etc. are all tools that are familiar to many and can help get the message out.  Of course, we understand that some events cannot be conducted online, and in any case, the timing may not be appropriate.  If you do choose to postpone any in-person activities, please send the updated information to 

We also wanted to share with you some words of wisdom from our friends at the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) to help cope with the challenges prevented by COVID-19. Click here to listen to an audio interview with Dr. LaGenia Bailey, a mental health professional who offered a wealth of advice and encouragement for listeners -- tips for managing anxiety, staying connected with others and maintaining a positive outlook, even as news reports and social media flood us with updates.  


Celebrated every year on March 30th, World Bipolar Day (WBD) is a world-wide awareness initiative of ISBD in conjunction with the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder (ANBD) and the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF). 

Through international collaboration, WBD provides a platform for:

  • Global education
  • Open discussion
  • Improved sensitivity about bipolar disorder

If you would like to support World Bipolar Day by adding the logo overlay to your social media profile picture please click here.  

The official World Bipolar Day site provides more information including downloadable materials, photos from past events, and event registration.

An Opportunity to Connect

For those living with bipolar disorder, WBD offers an opportunity to connect with others as well as assistance in gaining access to valuable resources and relationships that can improve their lives through treatment.

WBD’s ultimate goal is to inspire a global shift in thinking that will eliminate social stigma and promote acceptance.

We encourage you to organize, publicize, and attend local events. 

WBD is an excellent opportunity for us [ISBD members] to reach out to patients, families and advocacy groups to invite them to work together on this global project to sensitize and bring awareness to bipolar disorders. WBD is a platform to think global and act local – our vision will be attained with a motivated and strong local effort.” -- Manuel Sanchez de Carmona, ISBD President

 “I am so excited about this project and its message.  It is so important to educate the world and fight the stigma that is associated with mental illness.  Bipolar does not have to be scary. I am the face of Bipolar.  I am just like everyone else. With the right treatment plan, I am able to live a stable and happy life.” -- Christine Saenz, a patient and blogger