ISBD Membership

Membership Benefits

  • New!  Access to select 2020 Conference content
  • Online subscription to Bipolar Disorders journal 
  • Access to the Membership Directory
  • Reduced rates for the ISBD annual meeting
  • Ability to nominate elected officers
  • Voting privileges
  • Ability to nominate award winners
  • Ability to be nominated for awards
  • Access to the webinar archive
  • Access to the conference slides archive
  • Access to educational and training materials

Membership Levels

The International Society for Bipolar Disorders offers a wide array of membership levels for: ​

  • Professionals 
  • ​Post graduates
  • ​Students
  • Emeritus 

ISBD Lifetime Members

Jaime Aguilar Gasca (Mexico)
Chris Aiken (USA)
Abdullah Aldaoud (Saudi Arabia)
Jean-Michel Aubry (Switzerland)
Serge Beaulieu (Canada)
Michael Berk (Australia)
Britta Bernhard (Germany)
Katherine Burdick (USA) 
Andre Carvalho (Canada) 
Frederick Cassidy (USA) 
Jae Seung Chang (South Korea)
K.N. Roy Chengappa (USA)
Andree Daigneault (Canada)
Gustavo Delucchi (Argentina)
Sandra Dittmann (Germany)
Annemiek Dols (The Netherlands)
Russell D'Souza (Australia)
Rifaat S. El-Mallakh (USA)
Gianni Faedda (USA)
Tiffany Farchione (USA)
Jess Fiedorowicz (USA)
Mary A. Fristad (USA)
Keming Gao (USA)
Joseph Goldberg (USA)
Prasad Rao Gundugurti (India)
Kyooseob Ha (South Korea)
Tae Hyon Ha (South Korea)
Kyung Sue Hong (South Korea) 
Erkki Isometsa (Finland)
Soohyun Joe (South Korea)
Thomas Kappeler (USA) 
Jeong-Hyun Kim (South Korea)
Renu Kotwal (USA)
Neelima Kuman (USA)
Heon-Jeong Lee (South Korea)
Wendy Marsh (USA)
Erin Michalak (Canada)
Roumen Milev (Canada)
Eunsoo Moon (South Korea)
Willem A. Nolen (The Netherlands)
Cathy Petchel (USA)
Waltraud Prechter (USA)
M.S. Reddy (India)
Soham Rej (Canada)
Suzane M. Renaud (Canada)
Sang Jin Rhee (South Korea)
Linda Rhodes (USA)
Basant K. Singh (USA)
Trisha Suppes (USA)
Holly Swartz (USA)
John Tiller (Australia)
Mauricio Tohen (USA)
Shang-Ying Tsai (Taiwan)
Afra van der Markt (The Netherlands)
Dubuis Vesselin (Switzerland)
Katherine Vlitos (United Kingdom)
E. Mohandas Warrier (India)
Lakshmi Yatham (Canada)
Hee Jeong Yoo (South Korea)
Eric Youngstrom (USA)

Dues by Country

​In addition to the varying membership levels, the ISBD offers reduced rates for those in developing countries.  These reduced rates are based off of World Bank Classifications and can be accessed  here

Please contact Mary Miller, MSW, the ISBD Membership Director, at with any questions.

Levels and Dues

Professional Membership

Areas 1 & 2, $190/year
Area 3, $325/year



Early Career Membership

Provided to those within the first three years immediately following program completion. Areas 1 & 2, $80/year Area 3, $105/year


Trainee Membership

All areas, $50/year


Retiree Membership

Provided to those that are age 65+
Areas 1 & 2, $80/year  Area 3, $105/year


Lifetime Membership

All areas, One-time payment of $3,500