ISBD Task Force Patient and Care Partner Resources

The International Society for Bipolar Disorders recognizes that there are many unanswered questions central to developing treatments and improving clinical care for those living with bipolar illness. One of ISBD’s earliest initiatives formed Task Forces, bringing together respected international experts with experience in specific areas to address current unmet needs in bipolar science. 

ISBD Task Forces have explored a wide range of topics over the years, including areas of scientific inquiry which do not always receive top research priority. 

Below you will find resources that our Task Forces have created for those living with bipolar disorder and their care partners.  Each resource is listed under the name of the Task Force that created it.  Please click on the image to access the document. 


Chronobiology and Chronotherapy Task Force

The ISBD Chronobiology and Chronotherapy Task Force created a series of videos to educate the public on various chronobiology and bipolar disorder topics. 

Click here to visit the ISBD YouTube channel to see all the available videos. 

Introduction to Bipolar Disorder and Circadian Rhythms, by Colleen McClung, Elise McGlashan and Michael McCarthy. Conflict of interest statement: MMcC has worked as a Scientific Advisor for Alkermes Phamaceuticals Pathways Research Award Program. CMcC and EMcG have no conflicts of interest.


Older Adults with Bipolar Disorder (OABD) Task Force

Translations coming soon!


Targeting Cognition Task Force 

Translations avaiable for this booklet: