Improving Lives

Your donations support educational initiatives that help researchers and clinicians treat patients with bipolar disorder. Investing in ISBD means we can fund new webinars and trainings, arrange mentorships and collaborations, and offer scholarsips that allow patients and their families to share their stories and participate in our annual conferences.

If you are a US federal employee and would like to donate through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), please use code 33498.

  • Most
    bipolar patients are
    initially misdiagnosed.

  • A correct diagnosis
    can take up to
    10 Years

  • 30% of people
    with untreated bipolar
    disorder commit suicide

  • Over 700
    professional members are
    striving to create change.

2022 Contributors & Financials 

We would like to thank the folloiwng people and organizations who generously donated to the Society in 2022:

Mary Beth Adgent Carol Anderson David Anderson Jamie Backlin
Elisa Brietzke Nicole Brooks Carmen Chung Gail Geis-O'Dowd
Benjamin Goldstein Leslie Goodloe Rebekah Huber Carol L Jackson
Philip Jones  Mary Jones Peter King Andrew Kisch
Donna Knauss Manipreet Koonjul Perter Kraus Gary and Toya Levin
Jade Lindsay Josephine Lock Marisa Lucchesi Suzanne Mattox
Diane McIntire Sima Mittal Anthony Morales Miranda O'Dell
Sanjay Prasad Antonio Pruscino Kristine Ramsey Kellie Reichmuth
Ritamay Roberts  LeEllen Smith  Michael and Diann Taylor Marilize Van Der Walt
Leslee Waters Raymond Way Paul J Wojcik Seunghee Won
Jennifer Zepeda M. Zimmerman America Online Giving Amazon Smile
Benevity Fund  CFC Givinga Foundation Los Alamos Laboratories
Network for Good Safeguard UK Online Giving Foundation The United Way 

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