Bowden-Massey Strategic Research Initiative in Bipolar Disorder

Global Aging & Geriatric Experiments in Bipolar Disorder Database (GAGE-BD)

Benefiting Bipolar Disorder Patients in Late Life


Bowden Massey Strategic Research Initiative in Bipolar Disorder Award Winner

The International Society for Bipolar Disorders has awarded the inaugural  Bowden Massey Award to
the Global Aging and Geriatic Experiments in Bipolar Disorder Database (GAGE-BD) study led by
Drs. Martha Sajatovic, Lisa Eyler, Annemiek Dols and Soham Rej    

    Why is Studying Aging in Bipolar Disorder is Important?

  • The world's population is aging to to longer life-span and fewer births
  • People with chronic health conditions (like bipolar disorder) are surviving longer, and are
    expected to have greater medical comorbidity and Burden
  • Health care providers and systems will be stretched to accomodate the growing number of
    older and more complex patients


About the GAGE-BD Study

GAGE-BD will integrate existing data from across the globe on older adult bipolar disorder and aims to close gaps in our current understanding of symptom development across the adult lifespan.

By looking at demographic and socio-economic variables and honing in on areas such as cognition and medical burden across multiple datasets, the hope is to be able to identify those at greatest risk for worsening of symptoms and decline in functioning so that treatments plans may be modified to anticipate and accommodate these changes.

Charles Bowden & Virginia Massey

The Bowden-Massey Strategic Research Initiative in Bipolar Disorder is made possible through the generous donation of Charles Bowden and Virginia Massey and the Bowden-Massey Foundation.  The Award aims to stimulate new directions in bipolar research by leveraging the international collaborations within the ISBD and the development of private funding resources to support this research.

Meet the GAGE-BD Team

Martha Sajatovic, MD 
Principle Investigator
Case Western Reserve University

Lisa Eyler, PhD
University of California,
San Diego

Annemiek Dols, MD PhD
GGZ Ingeest

Soham Rej, MD
Lady Davis Institute