Bowden-Massey Strategic Research Initiative in Bipolar Disorder

Global Aging & Geriatric Experiments in Bipolar Disorder Database (GAGE-BD)

Benefiting Bipolar Disorder Patients in Late Life

Although the elderly are the fastest growing group in the US, studies of older-age bipolar disorder are extremely limited.  The Global Aging and Geriatric Experiments in Bipolar Disorder (GAGE-BD), initiated in 2016 with funding from the ISBD, aims to understand how bipolar disorder (BD), a serious mood disorder affecting 46 million people worldwide, evolves as people age.  A global team designed and implemented novel methods for integrating and harmonizing previously collected disparate data, creating a powerful framework for mental health data reuse and collaboration.  Activities conducted by the GAGE-BD team have included:

  1. Team creation and collaborative process design
  2. Regulatory and security management
  3. Intake and variable categorization
  4. Harmonization
  5. Primary and secondary analysis
  6. Development of essential elements for prospective studies

GAGE-BD has brought together world experts, developed novel data reuse processes, and generated new knowledge to help those aging with BD and provide a global mental health collaborative research framework.


We have provided some multimedia resources on this site to explain the innovative data reuse and collaboration employed in the project - the output to date at right, and a video interview below with Dr. Martha Sajatovic on the origins of the GAGE-BD Study and where it is headed.


Dr. Sajatovic Interview & Data Process Videos

About the GAGE-BD Study


For more information on the GAGE-BD Study findings, you may view the list of publications and presentations from inception to 2023.  We wish the GAGE-BD Investigators much success as they plan their future collaborations and we will follow with interest their progress on this important study.

Charles Bowden & Virginia Massey

The GAGE-BD Project was made possible through the generous support of Charles Bowden and Virginia Massey-Bowden and the Bowden-Massey Foundation 

Meet the GAGE-BD Team

Martha Sajatovic, MD 
Principle Investigator
Case Western Reserve University

Lisa Eyler, PhD
University of California,
San Diego

Annemiek Dols, MD PhD
GGZ Ingeest

Soham Rej, MD
Lady Davis Institute