What We Do

What We Do


Our annual conferences offer courses, workshops, and networking opportunities where researchers, clinicians, advocates, and those living with bipolar disorder can share scientific findings, treatment advances, and personal experiences. 




ISBD facilitates initiatives that foster advanced learning and encourage collaborations between top researchers and clinicians specializing in bipolar disorders. 

We partner with doctors and educators to produce engaging, interactive webinars and informative, multi-audience tip sheets. 


Knowledge Center


Annually, ISBD recognizes outstanding contributions with awards handed out at our international conference.



Task Forces

As our task forces forge new pathways to understanding and treating bipolar disorder, we supply the tools they need to pursue publication of their findings and offer them alternative platforms for sharing new information with a wider audience. 

Task Forces


ISBD aids in forming mentoring partnerships that connect experienced professionals with students, educators, and doctors in the early stages of their careers.


Womens Networking Initiative


ISBD is devoted to promoting understanding and reducing the stigma surrounding bipolar disorder through education and outreach. 

Our network includes chapters in 27 countries, ensuring that every corner of the globe is engaged in improving the lives of people living with bipolar. 

We are dedicated to collaborating with advocacy groups to share information and provide patients with basic resources to help them seek treatment and support. 

In addition, ISBD is a co-founder of World Bipolar Day, a yearly global awareness day that focuses on eliminating social stigma through information, education, and activism.

World Bipolar Day

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Information about the 23rd Annual Conference of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders will be announced soon!