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ISBD Chapters & Regional Societies

ISBD Regional Societies are similar to Chapters of the organization and work in concert with ISBD to promote a common mission: advancement in the treatment of bipolar disorders through research and education in order to improve outcomes and quality of life for those living with bipolar disorder. The establishment of ISBD Regional Societies is a natural outgrowth of the recognition by the ISBD of the important role that these organizations can play in fulfilling this mission locally. In the words of one of the founding members of the Australasian Society for Bipolar Disoders, the first ISBD Regional Society, "a local society would best address local needs, issues, and promotion of knowledge, while endeavouring to destigmatise these illnesses in our communities and improve treatment and access to treatment."

To apply to become an ISBD Regional Society, please download the Regional Societies hand book from the "Regional Society Resources List." This List also contains files that will be useful to Societies that are already in existence as well.

Regional Societies Handbook

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