Conference Slides 

Check out the slides on your favorite topic from the 2014 ISBD Conference in Seoul, South Korea.

ISBD Korea


Executive Committee: 

    Hyun Sang Cho, President

    Eun Jung Joo, Vice-President

    Jong Woo Kim, Vice-President

    Jung Eun Choi, Treasurer

    Se Joo Kim, Secretary 

Upcoming Meetings: 

November 8, 2014 in Seoul.  For details contact 

ISBD Turkey

The Society for Bipolar Disorders (Turkey)


Executive Committee: 

    Omer Aydemir, President

    Aysegul Ozerdem, Vice-President

    Kaan Kora, Treasurer

    Timucin Oral, Secretary

ISBD Venezuela

Executive Committee: 

    Luis Madrid Peroza, President

    Pastor Oropeza, Vice-President

    Minerva Calderon, Treasurer

    Franca Caterina, Secretary

ISBD Taiwan

Taiwanese Society for Bipolar Disorders

Executive Committee: 

    Tung-Ping Su, President

    Shang-Ying Tsai, Vice-President

    Ta Mei Bai, Treasurer

    Chian-Jue Kuo, Secretary