ISBD Educational DVD


International Society for Bipolar Disorders: Patients' and Physicians' Perspectives on Diagnosis and Coping.

Click here to view the video online. (Note: The YouTube video is divided into three parts.)

Total Run Time: Approx. 25 minutes Dialogue in English

Our consumer video, entitled International Society for Bipolar Disorders: Patients and Physicians perspectives on Diagnosis and Coping, outlines bipolar terms, concepts, diagnosis and treatment options for bipolar patients. The video blends educational content with interviews from physicians and patients, giving (as the title suggests) two perspectives on the illness.

The ISBD Research Committee oversaw the video script, and ISBD members contributed physician interviews. The region-free DVD was shown at the ISBD meeting in India, where the membership had the opportunity to provide commentary prior to the final cut of the video. The product was released in May and distributed at the Annual meeting of the APA in 2008 and was sent to ISBD members who requested copies. The video has since been made publicly accessible on YouTube and one reviewer writes “[This video is] the best I have seen yet in explaining bipolar disorder; [it is] VERY educational. I hope my family views this for my sisters’ sake.”

Future plans for the video include new editions for foreign language subtitles and greater dissemination to the patient support group community. The video is now available only on YouTube. If you are interested in a copy of the DVD, which is no longer in production, please express your interest by email to the ISBD office.