ISBD Kupfer-Frank Distinctive Contribution Award

Background:  Under the scientific direction of Dr. David J. Kupfer and Dr. Ellen Frank, the International Conference on Bipolar Disorder (ICBD) was hosting its 3rd meeting when Dr. Kupfer provided some initial seed funding and guidance for what would become the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD). Were it not for this singular contribution, the ISBD would not exist today.  Dr. Kupfer would go on to become the Founding President of the ISBD, and Dr. Frank would become a key member of the organization. Moreover, after its foundation, Dr. Kupfer and Dr. Frank continued to nurture the organization by providing opportunities within the context of the ICBD meeting for ISBD members to conduct Society business, to have a booth to exhibit and recruit new members, and to provide in turn, a recognizable forum for ISBD members to present new data and findings.  Finally, both Dr. Kupfer and Dr. Frank now serve on the organization’s Board of Governance, a body which provides ongoing oversight and counsel to the officers of the Society to ensure a stable and secure future for the Organization.

In recognition of the above achievements, an award in the name of Dr. Kupfer and Dr. Frank has been recommended by the Executive Committee and the current ISBD President, Prof. Willem Nolen, and will be overseen and administered by Awards Committee. 

The inaugural Award was presented to Dr. Kupfer and Dr. Frank during the Opening Ceremony of the 10th International Conference on Bipolar Disorders (ICBD) in Miami, which took place from 13-16 June 2013.

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize those members within the ISBD who have made a fundamental and lasting positive impact on the mission and objectives of the Society. This is a legacy award.

Frequency:  The Award will be given only when a suitable candidate(s) is identified by the Awards Committee in accordance with the nomination procedure below.

Nomination Procedure:  A call for nominations will be made during the ISBD Annual General Membership meeting.  Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Awards committee by a member in good standing and must be endorsed by 5 other current members of the Society, at least one of whom must be a current or past member of the ISBD Board of Councilors.  The nomination must specify the area of contribution and provide evidence to support a “lasting impact.”  The Awards Committee, in consultation with the sitting ISBD President, will consider nominations received no later than December 31st of the year prior to the year in which the award is to be issued. A nomination may also be proposed from within the Awards committee, provided there is unanimous support among the committee members and the nomination is supported by the ISBD President. In the event that a suitable candidate is not identified for a certain year, the award will not be given. The Award can not be given to sitting members of either the Award Committee or the Executive Committee.

Presentation: If an award is to be issued, it will be presented by the ISBD President during the opening ceremony of the ISBD meeting in the year following the one in which the nomination was made.  Whenever possible, the identification of the recipient should be kept in confidence until the awards ceremony.  The Award may also be given posthumously.

Award: The Awards consist of a Plaque. In addition, the ISBD may also confer any of the following benefits:

  • An honorarium, in addition to any travel stipend provided for speaking in the program, not to exceed $1000 per candidate (or $1500 if the award is shared).
  • A Lifetime Membership in the ISBD
  • Complimentary registration to the meeting where the Award will be presented