President’s Message

Manuel Sanchez

Dear members,


This is my first letter as President of the ISBD. One of my purposes in this role is to ensure that our Society continues to be a source for research, education and clinical data, and to bring this information to patients, families and other mental health professionals, and I am proudly beginning this term with a lot of exciting news related to those objectives.

We have just returned from our last International Conference held in Seoul, South Korea. It was very successful, with over 800 participants from 66 different countries interacting in one of the most unique and enriching academic meetings held in the psychiatric world community. I want to personally congratulate Prof. Willem Nolen, our Immediate Past President, Prof. Kyooseob Ha, Chair of the Seoul Meeting Steering Committee and all the members of the Korean Organizing Committee, for successfully bringing together this achievement.

At the international conference I had the opportunity to meet in person with our new Executive Board, the elected Board of Councilors, and our Committees and research Task Forces. I am very proud to share with you that among many important discussions, we are already working on new benefits for our members, that include the development of current educational materials presented in different multimedia formats, and we have begun the organization of our future meetings, to be held in Toronto in June 2015, and in Amsterdam in July 2016.

On March 30th, right after the Seoul meeting, we celebrated the first ever World Bipolar Day, which continues as an international collaboration between several worldwide organizations in order to unite and fight against stigma and to give “strength for today and hope for tomorrow.” The response was overwhelming and I want to thank all the ISBD Chapters that helped to spread the message among our members and their local community.

Before concluding this first letter, I want to highlight two excellent ISBD materials you should not miss. The first one is the publication of a special issue of our ISBD Official Journal, Bipolar Disorders, focused on women’s health, with all the material produced from our Task Force on that topic. Congratulations to the guest editors, Dr. Aysegul Ozerdem and Dr. Natalie Rasgon, who succeeded in bringing together this wonderful collection of articles. My second suggestion is to join us in our next webinar, in which Dr. Benjamin Goldstein will give us an update on biological and treatment findings in children and adolescents with bipolar disorder. This webinar is free and open to our members, so please register on our website for this ISBD Pediatric Task Force presentation on April 29. Both products are an example of the rich and clinically useful materials that are developed from our ISBD Task Forces and are tangible benefits to our members.

Best Wishes,

Sanchez Signature